Bunker Survey (ROB)

Bunker Survey (ROB) is usually carried out when delivering or re-delivering a ship, under a time charter agreement. So, it is most of the time carried out in conjunction with an On Hire / Off Hire Condition Survey.
It is a documented evidence of the actual quantities of Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil at a given point in time and prevents later claims and disputes.

The report includes the statement of bunkers remaining on board (HSFO, LSFO, MGO or MDO) at the time of sounding, an estimation of the consumption from sounding to re-delivery or from delivery and a final quantity certificate.

Complementary Services

Along with bunker survey, it is very usual to require On Hire / Off Hire Condition Survey. Condition survey is focused in ship’s cargo spaces, holds, hatch covers, decks, weather-tight, cranes, etc. But also can concern documentation, class certificates, engine spaces, performance reports, structural and watertight integrity, system’s installations, operation condition and grade of maintenance.

IMC offers, in addition to the technical services, the consulting and legal counseling with extensive experience in commercial dispute issues, legal coverage in case of accidents on board or at shore, as well as total assistance for the repatriation of individuals to their countries of origin.