Casualty Investigations are intended to establish the nature, causes and extent of an incident, accident, casualty or damage on board a ship, affecting crew, hull, machinery or any other third party involved with ship operations.
Grounding, Collisions and Contacts (FFO).

Services targeted to Protection and Indemnity Clubs, (P&I), but also to Ship Owners or Ship Managers, interested on establish clear root causes and to get advice on improvements to fleet. On P&I matters, we work appointed either by local correspondents and directly by Club.

We have high technical skills and extense seagoing experience, training and certifications to investigate any ship’s navigation related incidents as groundings, collisions and contacts (FFO – Fixed or Floating Objects).

Incidents, crew and pollution
Safe Work related accidents on board, fires on board, flooding, ship’s pollution incidents, or damages to port and terminal facilities; we can assist locally to the ship on the highest standards of quality, either appointed locally by correspondents and agents or by main global offices directly.

Complementary Services

We offer our assistance also with cases of cargo and ship damages, cargo shortages, bunker disputes, and machinery breakdowns.